Goal setting!

The setting and assessment of goals is very much an individual decision in cross country. Some particular goals may include: 
    PR, personal record on a timed course
    Race pace, maintaining a particular speed throughout a race
    Place, place of finish relative to the entire field
    Team position, place of finish relative to one's teammates
    Beating a specific opposing runner
    Pack running, keeping close to your teammates
(Note: PR Can only be relevant if an athlete has previously run that particular course.)

Finishing a course successfully and / or improving upon any of the goals mentioned above can be considered a “high” for a runner.

Expect the possibility of disappointment after a race by the athlete. Although one goal set by the individual may have been achieved, a runner may have fallen short of others and (may) not be satisfied with his or her result. Athletes may need some emotional space after the race from both coaches and parents.