Cool Down - Exercises through which the body is physically returned to the pre-running state. 
Cross Country - Team sport involving running over a varied terrain
Dual Meet - A meet between two teams. 
False Start - A runner leaving the starting line early. Stater will return all runners to the line for a restart.
Fast Gun - A starter whose commands are quickly given before the firing of the gun.
Finish Chute - The roped-off area at the finish, through which runners are directed in order to establish place in race.
Invitational  - A meet between a multiple number of teams. 
Junior Varsity - Runners other than the top seven varsity. 
Pace - Rate of speed maintained over a prolonged distance. 
Pack - Any group running in close proximity.
Personal Record - Best performance time on a specific course - usually called a PR.
Pick Ups - During warm-ups; short distance sprints to assist proper preparation for the race. Also knows as ins and outs. 
Race Course - The route of the runners in cross country.
Racing Flat - A lightweight shoe designed primarily for racing; not meant for training. 
Starting Box, Gate, Line - Designated area to which a team is assigned for the start of the race.
Surge - A gradual increase in speed as a tactical move. 
Trainers - Shoes constructed for daily practice and intense use-these often have thicker soles than flats. 
Varsity First Team - Runners designated as the top seven on a team. 
Warm Up - Exercises though which the body is physically prepared prior to running.