We recommend going to Second Sole in Belden Village as they are a running specific store. Their sales staff have expertise when it comes to fitting runners for shoes. These salespeople can help you to make a proper decision based on size, shoe width, and type of running (training versus racing).  For a beginning runner, there are shoes that can serve both for training and racing. Be sure that the salesperson understands that the shoe will be used for daily training.

Racing spikes are recommended for cross country at the high school level but are not an absolute necessity for middle school. Their purpose is to be lighter and provide more traction on the course - especially in adverse weather. We recommend purchasing them from Second Sole in Belden Village since they are a running specific store.

Practice Clothing
It is not necessary to purchase specific running clothing. Uniforms will be provided for meets and invitationals. Loose fitting shirts and shorts are adequate for daily practices. Clean, dry socks for each practice will help to prevent blisters, athlete's foot, and other foot problems. Students should have sweat tops and bottoms as well as hats and gloves for use on cold days. As an athlete becomes more experienced and involved, he or she may wish to purchase additional equipment and clothing.

Uniforms will be provided for runners. Runners are recommended to wear white compression shorts under their uniform bottoms. If a runner would like to wear an undershirt, please make sure that it is a plain white t-shirt or a plain white compression top. For all undergarments, the OHSAA requires that there is only one manufacturer logo on it.